Maggie’s just sent me a link to this site and I have to say it’s such a simple idea that works really well.


Anyone who knows myself or Maggie will know we’re no Paula Radcliffes. We’re joggers, at best, but we like to train for and run jog the Women’s 10k every year so consider ourselves to have SOMETHING in common with old Paula.


Nike’s approach to sponsoring athletes, versus events, has allowed them to have some ownership over and right to talk about the Beijing Olympics, without being an official sponsor. The little microsite that they’ve pulled together to drum up support for Paula Radcliffe , whilst building their brand at the same time hits the mark. It’s simple, easy to engage with, straight to the point and flattering enough to the participant’s ego to let them see which step of Paula’s journey their message of support is being attributed to.

The call to action, to see Paula compete on 17th August at 12.30am means I’ll be tuning in to see if her 92nd step (that’s the one my message has been assigned to) is any different than the 91 before or the 22,758 after it.

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