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14/04/10_mikeb_Happy Birthday Colin!

 colin.jpgOur new designer Colin celebrated his first (31st) birthday since starting at Stand.Following Stand tradition we all helped him eat cake, and wrote mildly humorouscomments in his card…Happy Birthday Colin!

08/04/10_AnnaM_Safely back from Skye

columba1400-panorama.jpgWell, Colin and I have had a whirlwind trip to Skye and back to visit the spiritual home of our newest client, the wonderful Columba 1400.   It included:

  • 422 miles of driving,
  • 2 (completely unnecessary) trips to McDonalds in Fort William (woops),
  • a very warm welcome by the ever-enthusiastic Rhona,
  • a famous Columba 1400 hot chocolate to sample on arrival,
  • a fab tour around the Centre by the lovely Jackie,
  • a great session sharing our ideas with the wider Columba 1400 team,
  • a lovely dinner with some rather inspirational people,
  • 1 bottle of red wine (no need really) while chatting to Sheena until midnight,
  • an overnight stay in the beautiful Quiraing Lodge,
  • Colin taking LOTS of photographs of the place

…and finally, a refreshed perspective on life and what really matters.  Happy days. View Larger Map

30/11/09_AnnaM_Freaky colour coincidence #2

Ok, last week four of us turned up to work wearing grey.  A bit odd, but we thought nothing of it.

Then today, Mike, Katie, Stuart and I all appeared wearing purple.  It’s starting to freak us out so we’ve decided to document it, just in case this happens again.

So folks, today is St Andrew’s Day and we’re pledging our support to Scotland through the medium of colour, the colour purple.

Enjoy.The colour purple

11/08/09_AnnaM_Know thyself?

For a little bit of lunchtime inspiration and a ‘oooh, let me see yours’ banter, we all had a go at a few of the online psychology tests listed in this New York Times article.  The You Just Get Me site offers you a summary of your personality, brought to life in the form of  a series of bubbles.  Any guessing whose this one is?



Just posted something to a Facebook event and this is how it was displayed.  00:32 tomorrow - I have the power.

The Future



The wonder of Twitter is revealed in this interesting piece from the BBC technology blog.  It seems Twitter users are beating regular journos to getting news online, in the public domain as quickly as possible.  There are some pitfalls however so as with the wonderful world of Wikipedia don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.

We’re going to make the effort to update our twitter profile with any news or interesting goings on so watch this space!

22/08/08_AnnaM_Big match result

After much pre-match hype  (mainly from the client side) Tennent’s seasoned pro’s were put to the sword by Stand’s young guns, winning by five spectacular goals. 

A fine performance by Emyln was tempered by a scything tackle on his own man - Craig Wilson, who was on his way off to the oxygen tent before being up-ended from behind no less. 

The rematch is next week, this time we’ll take pics or might even have some graphics for you. 

21/08/08_AnnaM_The big match

Well, the boys in the office have been in training for tonight’s ‘Big Match’ against the Tennent’s Lager Lovelies Lads.  Craig Stewart’s already sporting a rather nasty injury but is doing the right thing and not pulling out of tonight’s game.  He’s a real trooper that boy.  Craig Stewart’s war wound

A news update on the result will follow tomorrow.  Expect bruised egos,  frayed tempers and broken relationships.