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30/11/09_AnnaM_Freaky colour coincidence #2

Ok, last week four of us turned up to work wearing grey.  A bit odd, but we thought nothing of it.

Then today, Mike, Katie, Stuart and I all appeared wearing purple.  It’s starting to freak us out so we’ve decided to document it, just in case this happens again.

So folks, today is St Andrew’s Day and we’re pledging our support to Scotland through the medium of colour, the colour purple.

Enjoy.The colour purple

14/11/09_AnnaM_One week on…

…and we’re settling into our new home.  Our email now appears to be back to *ALMOST* full working order and the place is MUCH less cluttered than it was a week ago.  Feels like we’ve been here for ages already.We’ve made friends with the locals, found some great wee places for lunch, and managed to keep the business running despite our lack of email for so long.

Katie captured our (relative) progress throughout this past week on her iPhone, including our very first client meeting, with the lovely Kyra & Kate from VisitScotland.

Kyra & Kate - our first visitors

Here are Katie’s snaps.  Proper, posh pictures to follow once we agreed where Tim can keep his bike, without affecting Maggie’s OCD ;-)



Big, strong boys


Tidier desks

04/11/09_AnnaM_We’re on the move…

We’re moving to our own, brand-spanking new offices tomorrow.

 Our new home (from above)

After today our new address is:

170 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow, G3 8PR

Don’t worry,  the telephone number’s not changing, so you can still get us on 0141 222 2999.

Once we’re all settled in, expect an invite to come round and have a few glasses of bubbly to celebrate.

 This is how the place looked when Google StreetView were out doing their thing.


View Larger Map

Here’s how to get to the offices, using the most environmentally-friendly methods:

By bus from Glasgow City Centre:

Get a number 9 or a 62 (First Bus) from the bus stop at the corner of Hope Street and Bothwell Street.  The bus will take 9 minutes to get to the bus stop you need to get off at, at the corner of Argyle Street and Haugh Road.  Here’s what you should be looking out for when you’re about to get off the bus:

View Larger Map

From the bus stop, walk the 520 steps (count ‘em) down Haugh Road, take a left down Forres Drive then a right onto Kelvinhaugh Street.  Our new office is on the right hand side.

Walkit directions from the bus stop

By Subway, get off at Kelvinhall Subway and walk the 0.7miles (burning an average of  64 calories!) using these directions:

WalkIt directions to our new office

For any more directions, just give us a call or check out or

09/10/09_AnnaM_If only stairs were fun…

Perhaps this is what we need to encourage each of us to take the stairs a little more often?  Being on 5th Floor here, I reckon I should definitely do it more often.  So, here’s my pledge, I’ll do it if you will.  Deal?

04/09/09_MaggieC_Think Pink Cookbook


We’re so proud to have designed this great cookbook for this amazing charity.  THINK PINK is a Scottish breast cancer charity with no admin fees - every penny raised goes directly towards new equipment at the Beatson.  It was set up four years ago by two women who had breast cancer and they decided to raise funds to give something back in return for the amazing treatment that they’re received from oncologists and nursing staff.  They set about with high hopes of raising £10K and four years on they’ve raised £200K.  They now have annual fundraising events and their new target is to fund a laboratory in the new Translational Research Centre in Garscube Estate.THINK PINK is a committee of five woman.  Everyone volunteers their time and expertise.


Lynn and Freda (our two ThinkPink ladies) have been a huge inspiration to us on this project – constantly upbeat about the work and heaps of compliments – a real pleasure. Happy days and lovely clients.


Thank you to Julie Fraser for getting us involved in the first place and thanks to Mr. Paul for the brilliant illustrations – lovely to be working with you again, Maggie

01/09/09_AnnaM_Want to work here?

Stand are looking for a couple of really good designers.

You need to have about two years studio experience (minimum), easy to work with, a team player, totally committed, not itching to dash out of the door at half five no matter what. You also need to be really good with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and understand how artwork works. A bit of web experience would be good.

Last thing. You need to be pretty fearless, able to take on non print based design, 3D, packaging, point-of-sale, exhibition, brand experience are a big part of what we do.

Get in contact with me if you fancy a shot,


stuart[at]stand-united [dot]co[dot]uk

11/08/09_AnnaM_Know thyself?

For a little bit of lunchtime inspiration and a ‘oooh, let me see yours’ banter, we all had a go at a few of the online psychology tests listed in this New York Times article.  The You Just Get Me site offers you a summary of your personality, brought to life in the form of  a series of bubbles.  Any guessing whose this one is?


29/07/09_mikeb_Taste a little piece of Orkney


Working for Lactalis McLelland and Orkney Cheese, Stand developed some key promotional activity for Orkney Mature Cheddar in a bid to raise awareness of the award winning island cheddar cheese and gain customer loyalty. Stand came up with the catchy call to action ‘Taste a little piece of Orkney’, and the wider brand message ‘Orkney cheddar - out on its own’ as well as designing the supporting materials.

The activity kicked off at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh last month, which saw sample packs of cheese handed out in lovely bags, along with some grapes, Nairn Oatcakes, and money off vouchers. Even Nick Nairn wanted in on the action - which the ladies who visited the stand were very happy about!

The activity was a roaring sucess, and there is every chance that Lactalis McLelland might consider taking this on the road to other events before the end of the summer.

16/06/09_mikeb_NHS Health Scotland - Heat Targets

Following on from last years success, Stand were invited to develop NHS Health Scotland’s stand for the NHS Scotland 2009 conference that is currently taking place at the SECC (16th - 17th June).

There are seven Health Improvement Heat Targets in total, each representing the following health subjects: Oral Health, Child Healthy Weight, Alcohol, Suicide Prevention, Smoking Cessation, Breastfeeding & Heart Disease.

With a reduced budget, and a requirement for the heat targets to be portable and easily constructed, we created an idea that utilises a cost effective modular system, sits well within the target concept, which is nicely topped off by some shiny balloons!


04/06/09_mikeb_Running Man (with serious face)


Despite the hot weather I managed a respectable 4:52:00, with a 10k time of 1:00:03,
and a 1/2 marathon time of  2:12:00.

Thanks again to all those that sponsored me, and those that didn’t - well you still have plenty
of time to get on there and sponsor me, all proceeds go to Macmillan.

03/06/09_AnnaM_Say cheese

 The Drum have now published this, this, this and this photo of us receiving our Scottish Design Awards on Friday evening.


Left to Right: Mike, Jane from IKEA, Tim, Maggie, Stuart, Nathan, Marie, Anna.

31/05/09_AnnaM_Big grins all round


Good news folks.  Stand won 2 awards at the Scottish Design Awards on Friday evening:

Best Best Exhibition/Point of Sale for IKEA Catalogue Launch Roadshow

Promotional Literature for the Glasgow School of Art Undergraduate Prospectus 2009/10.

A good night was had by all at the awards.  Official pics to follow but in the mean time, here are some snaps:

Our Mike and Jane from IKEAPaul and Stuart

25/05/09_AnnaM_It wasn’t me…

Saw this t-shirt on my Threadless newsletter today.  It’s from their new range of Twitter tees.

Promise this one wasn’t me.  Honest, Stuart.

Graphic Designers are full of

03/05/09_mikeb_4 weeks to go!


Over the past 5 months I have been training for the Edinburgh Marathon and have endured cold mornings, driving rain, gale force winds, angry dogs, dog sh*t, angry neds, and most recently I have been unwittingly eating flies, gnats and midges by the bucket load!

So after  already covering 376 miles I only have just 4 weeks to go until the big day, with just over 96 training miles left to do, and 26.2 miles on the day itself - lets just say I can’t wait till its over!

I am running the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 31st May in aid of Macmillan Cancer support, so far I have raised a respectable £480.00 but would love to hit the £1,000 mark, and with your help I reckon I can do it!

So please, please, please go to my sponsorship page and donate to this worthy cause.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

22/04/09_mikeb_Free and legal


Spotify is a free web based music application that lets you play music for free (with a couple of small adverts) through your internet connection, its collection is huge even for those with the most obscure of tastes.

Enjoy finding new or old music without begging, stealing or borrowing.

Its got to be the best invention since sliced bread and lovefilm!


22/04/09_mikeb_Three Award Nominations!!!


Stand are delighted to have been nominated for three awards at the Scottish Design Awards 2009.
We have been nominated in the following catagories:

Promotional Literature
Client: Glasgow School of Art
Title: Prospectus 09/10

Exhibition/Point of Sale
Client: Ikea
Title: Catalogue Launch Roadshow

Client: NHS Health Scotland
Title: Heat Targets Exhibition Stand

The results of the nominations will will be announced at the gala awards ceremony being held on the 29th May at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow. 

We’ll keep you posted on the results, fingers crossed.

08/04/09_AnnaM_Guilty smoothies?

Innocent (the smoothie folks) have announced that Coca Cola are taking a minority stake in their company.  For those of us who still like to think of Innocent as a quirky, local(ish) brand that’s just done well in the world, this is a reality check.  Like all companies who get to a certain size, Innocent have had to make a call about how they fund their expansion plans.  Coke have the cash and will be more than happy to get a foot in the door at a much edgier, worthier, ultimately BETTER (in all senses) company than their own.

Of course, like all of us who try to be the defiant David to the overbearing Goliath, Innocent really hope that they can positively influence their new investors, and I really hope they can too.  The sad reality is often that these faceless, soulless giants often end up chipping away at what was once so special in the other, ultimately weaker, company.  Been there, done that, saw the destruction.

However, I guess they have a MINORITY stake, between 10-20% apparently, so here’s hoping it won’t change our friends at Innocent too much. Watch this space.

29/03/09_AnnaM_Ooooh, look at us. Don’t we scrub up well?


With about two hours’ notice, no make-up or wardrobe available and very little retouching time at our disposal, the lovely Paul Hampton took this shot of us for The Drum’s piece on us winning Design Consultancy of the YearOur Stuart (Gilmour, not Gilmore as the video states) even has a go at being interviewed on camera by Stephen Lepitak.

20/03/09_AnnaM_**NEWSFLASH** Stand win Design Consultancy of the Year.

Stand have just been announced as this year’s winners of Design Consultancy of the Year.  We’re rather chuffed.  Maggie’s even been celebrating from the ski slopes of Switzerland and has vowed never to go to the lunch again since both times she’s missed it Stand have been winners.

More news, gossip and maybe even photos to follow.  We’re still on a high. : )


Just posted something to a Facebook event and this is how it was displayed.  00:32 tomorrow - I have the power.

The Future